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Columbia Insider Responds To Hypebot’s Ad Prank

Our prank placing a "Major Labels Are Obsolete" ad on the front page of to illustrate the problems with ads on a major label web site has drawn strong reactions including in the offices of Columbia’s parent company Sony BMG.

A source inside Sony BMG’s  Global Digital Business division tells me that "the Hypebot ads are the buzz of the moment" inside the company. The source went on to explain how the practice of ads on Colmbia’s sites evolved, "We innovated the advertising on artist sites and it’s revenue stream was
successful enough to gain the notice of the labels. Obviously someone at Columbia wanted to realize some revenue
from their site based on our example and put ads without thinking of the
possible results."

"Our group grew very large very fast," the source continued. "The money we generated got the attention of management and we are now responsible for over 50% of the sites. Things change when your group starts making money though…They are throwing everything they can at us to try and get revenues up."

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  1. I forgot about that!! I think that was a fantastic move!! “Major Labels Are Obsolete.” You guys should make a “badge” that says that, that people can put on their websites and social networking profiles. Eventually, evolving that badge in to a widget that would make available songs to download legally, or buy. And who knows where you could next with it. There’s a great campaign here. I’d get behind it, you’ve got my email address.

  2. You make that badge and we’ll put it on all of our profiles and main URL…PROMISE, PINKY SWEAR!
    much love,
    brendan b brown

  3. major labels are hardly obsolete and will never go away. they provide the world with incredible acts and are currently in a Major state of flux. They will get sorted out.

  4. Isn’t it hilarious that the label will do everything it can to get revenue up no matter how uncredible or how uncool it makes them look. They are clearly desperate and clearly don’t give a hoot about artistic integrity!

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