Thursday’s Music Briefing: RIAA, Bandstock, G ‘n R & More

> As a new school season begins, a look at how various colleges and the RIAA are getting along. (ars)

> Bandstocks launches in the UK as a competitor to Sellaband in the fan funded release space. (Guardian)
> The music video is reinvented on the web. (AP)

> The blogger who posted tracks from the unreleased Guns & Roses album has been arrested by the FBI. (LA Times)

> Cloudspeakers has gotten funding from Veronica Holdings.  The Dutch site aggregates only legal music content (music, videos, reviews) from Pitchfork, Yahoo and across the web. (press release)

> Royalty clearing house and financial services firm Talent Clearing House passes theChinese_flag $20 Million mark. (press release)

> A contrary view of the iTunes vs.China mess and the media’s coverage of it.
(Music 2.0)

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