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A2IM Joins Merlin’s Call For Indie MySpace Equity

US indie label trade group A2IM has joined Merlin in calling on MySpace Music to offer independent labels a equity stake similar to that given to the four major label groups.

"A2IM is disappointed that MySpace Music, previously a champion of independent music, has not included independent music labels as equity participants as they have done with the major labels, thus not giving independently owned music labels parity. We are also disappointed that…

the launch of the venture included only a portion of the independent
distributors and aggregators leaving out a large number of independent
artists and labels from the launch," said A2IM President Rich Bengloff

"We at A2IM echo the comments of friends in the independent music community such as MERLIN, in our shared view that any independent deal struck
without an equity component, (as was done with the majors), will see
independent labels face a situation whereby their major competitors
will profit from the use of their repertoire without an appropriate
upside opportunity being extended to them by MySpace Music and its
major label equity partners."

Read Merlin’s position here and the MySpace response.

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  1. One of my clients has been quietly building out a platform specifically for independent artists, labels and fans. Babulous ( currently has a community of about 760,000 members and is *completely* independent-focused. Any artists/labels who got sent off to the little kids’ table in the MySpace deal should check it out.

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