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Indies Slam MySpace But Keep Their Pages Updated

Major voices in the independent label community are crying foul over the deal MySpace Music is offering them that does not include the equity afforded the four major labels. But their displeasure has not extended to the pages they maintain on the popular social networker.

  • Koch
    Koch Records
    decried the "smoke and mirrors" of MySpace’s launch announcements rejecting the "cold embrace" of a service it dubbed "MajorSpace", but updated its MySpace page just yesterday.
  • German digital distributor Finetunes called the deal "hardly fitting" and questioned how well Beggars_groupMySpace would do if indies pulled out. But their own page is still posted and was updated just days ago.
  • Beggars Banquet‘s Martin Mills called the MySpace Music offer "both disappointing and astonishing", but his company still has pages for both its UK and French label groups.

Ironically, because these companies have not signed deals with MySpace, Koch, Beggars, Finetunes and the artists they display and stream on their will not share in the ad revenue generated.

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  1. i’ve had sex with girls i didn’t like. it’s not that wrong to update your myspace and still be unhappy with the operation. it may seem like a passive aggressive approach, but sometimes people keep a profile active in a service to continue promoting their band…regardless of how self serving the platform has become. it’s hard to deny the strong presence of myspace. people automatically go to myspace to search for a band page…sometimes before they even look for your own page. probably because they can see all the fans reactions, the blogs and top friends. that’s more info than a regular site usually gives, and it’s creating an insane amount of momentum for myspace. it reminds me of ex-girlfriends i had that were so hot i couldn’t stop sleeping with them even after i broke up with them because they were so scandalous. it was hard to leave.

  2. Great analogy! But in this case the labels continue to have sex with their ex-girlfriend (MySpace), but are screwing themselves out of the orgasm($$$’s) by not signing the deal.
    Can’t quite convince myself that’s smart…

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