Monday’s Briefing: Zune, Rhapsody, Napster & More

> Microsoft is shipping a new 120GB Zune (Crave) New iPods models are also expected this week.

> The top advertiser on last night’s MTV Video Music Awards was the new Rhapsody download store. But will it matter?  What is Rhapsody doing that would encourage people to switch from iTunes or Amazon?

> U.K. magazine Clash Music has received a $406,000 investment from the Scottish government to broaden its web presence. (DMW)

> Napster and computer giant Lenovi have formed a marketing alliance. (press release)

> theMIDB.com has launched a database for music industry professionals. (pressGeneric_headphone_computer

> Is fighting the pirates smart or can it make things worse? Eric Garfield of Big Champagne tells Bob Lefsetz that 90% of the 60,000 downloaded torrents of leaked Guns N Roses tracks have been since the FBI arrested a blogger who posted them on his site.  All publicity is not good publicity. Just Google "chinese democracy torrent".

> Don’t forget Hypebot’s Music Industry Week In Review.

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