Merlin Cries Foul: No MySpace Equity = No Deal
MySpace Responds To Merlin's Accusations

MySpace Music: Details & Commentary

COMMENTARY: MySpace Music is open for business and a new features represent a true step forward for the popular social networker. Ad-supported song streams, a new player, playlists, Amazon powered download sales and more offer exciting opportunities for labels and indie musicians.

But a quick tour of the site showed that one of  MySpace's strengths - custom designed pages - continues to be a MySpace Music weakness...

Many pages present unique challenges when trying to find how to purchase, for example. Links to iTunes, label sales sites and other non-MySpace and Amazon purchase options still populated several major artist pages. MySpace promises upgrades, but other hurdles at launch include:

  • Last minute deals with EMI and the Orchard and pending deals with other indies leave incomplete catalog that may frustrate users
  • Playlists are locked on MySpace and can not be added to other blogs and networks
  • Music recommendation is entirely friend based and lacks popular intuitive features