MySpace Music Update


 My sources tell me that :

  • the target date to launch is September 15th and even if they miss that by a day or two it will absolutely be this month.  More and more private and public sources are confirming a September launch.
  • Amazon will do download fulfillment though d.i.y. musicians can also reportedly sell via a Nimbit account
  • playlist creation and sharing will be added to fan accounts
  • EMI is still a holdout, but WMG, Universal and Sony product will still be available.
  • UPDATE HERE. little if any indie music will be available at launch. Talks with most indie labels and distributors are in the very early stages and indie music in general appears to be left on the sidelines as a something to be dealt with later
  • The new service will launch without a permanent CEO and perhaps some of its features due to lingering technical issues.

COMMENTARY: MySpace Music is rushing to market perhaps driven by the targets of its corporate owner.  Any early problems will be amplified across the web and others from Facebook to imeem will be ready to pick up the pieces.

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  1. Its amazing how history repeats itself.
    Myspaces intention has always been to grab the buck with shotty support and system functionality.
    I do believe its days now will be number once the format takes shape.
    (they stick around of course,but simply fall into the shape that mp3.com now is….)
    Aside from a handful of large artists,the site gets more traffic from middle of the line indie labels and indies.
    Very similar to the mp3.com format that has since killed that site.
    I know back in the day atleast mp3.com supported indie artists.
    What supprises me,is how myspace seems to follow the exact same suite,without even looking at mp3.com as an example of”How the mighty fall”when they ignore the little people on the site.
    thats not music growth its slow death when you approach a business design like this.
    Reverbnation has got to be the new resounding voice for indies,with its fantastic support system,paying its artists for traffic(I was supprised their doing that to,with more features coming as well,I’d recently mentioned about sponsor adds to them,and they actually listened and forwarded the info),tons of features,and robust simple and easy to use design.
    Aside from conversion for free,myspace has just bit the hand that feeds….and reverbnation will simply continue to grow in a realistic fashion thats for the artist,rather then a simple snatch and grab money outfit.
    all i can say is”Next”….

  2. It is amazing what Myspace is doing with the artists, in fact they snubbed a pretty big band, Trapt. They basically said they couldn’t advertise on the site because they were not ‘trendy’ enough. With such high standards, it does not surprise me that Myspace is already being passed up by Facebook. If social networking sites want to alienate their fans they will be ignoring the people who made the site so popular in the first place.

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