MySpace Music Will Include Indies

AmazonUPDATED: Sources confirm that MySpace Music will include indie labels and artists that currently offer product via its apparent download provider Amazon MP3 when in launches this month.  No official announcement of the partnership has been made.

Earlier this week, Hypebot reported that no deals had been struck between MySpace and indie labels or distributors. But MySpace’s use of an outside download provider makes new deals unnecessary and existing contracts between Amazon, labels and distributors for the sites 6.1 million DRM-free track catalog will be sufficient.

Amazon just announced free digital distribution for indies via a CreateSpace service which will presumably extend to MySpace. Sources also report that some indies are in very early stage talks to have
tracks included in an imeem like ad supported MySpace Music streaming

But there may be some holes in the catalog when MySpace Music launches. Unconfirmed reports point to technical integration problems and some digital distributors like IODA require that artists and labels opt in to new download opportunities. Others like The Orchard and CD Baby automatically offer all content unless opt out is requested. It is unclear if MySpace will be treated as a separate download store from Amazon or as an extension of it. 

Read more MySpace Music launch details here.

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