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Myspace_new_3 There's no sign yet of the new MySpace Music, but the social networker has just launched a self-service ad platform aimed straight at bands, concert promoters and small business. 

The ads run as pay per click banners, but unlike Facebook ads or Google Adsense, MySpace ads can only link to another page on MySpace. That's rather limiting to marketers trying to drive traffic elsewhere, though they can easily create custom MySpace pages (like for a new release or tour) filled with external links.

The power of these kinds of ads is hyper-targeting, and here again MySpace falls short of the competion...

While MySpace does enable targeting by gender, age and geography down to the zip code level, it does not support key word marketing. So for example, unlike with Facebook and Google, targeting fans of a particular band or similar bands is not possible on MySpace.

To use the self-service ad platform you must have an active MySpace profile. Campaigns begin as low as $25 and click through bids begin at 25 cents.  More at MySpace