Tuesday’s Music Briefing: MTVU, Pandora, iPhone & Much More



  • Emerging artists are competing for MTVU Woodie Awards. (press release)
  • MTV has completed its purchase of social networker the Social Project. (FT)
  • A Spanish court says linking to P2P downloads is legal. (TorrentFreak)
  • Iphone
    has added ads to its popular application on the iPhone. Beck’s Beer and Best Buy have signed on. (press release)
  • Another iPhone problem emerged as Apple announced an recall of it’s USB power adapters.
  • Free site Skoggins tries to connect bands with gigs. The band that created it, San Francisco’s Ten Mile Tide is using the full range of new music marketing stratagies to promote its latest release. (press release)
  • Music publicist extraordinaire Michelle Roche has debuted her new blog Roche, Rant & Roll – On the music the music industry, life and getting older.  If you’re like Michelle (and me) and remember life before the internet, you’ll find her a wonderful read.


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