Radar Connects Artists With Budget Video Producers

Videos are not just for MTV anymore.  With the growth of dozens of cable channels and thousands of online
outlets, producing a music video is more important than ever. Videos can also satisfy the need for bonus content to enhance sales, drive web traffic or reward fan club members.

Producing a video can be very expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Radar Music Videos is designed to serve artists and indie labels who have video budgets of $5000 or less…

– sometimes much less.

The site has more than 1000 member directors online (50% UK, 20% US,
20% EU, 10% elsewhere) and if you don’t like any of the proposal that
they submit, you pay nothing.  If you do green light a video Radar
deducts a 15% commission from the director and throws in some
promotional support.

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