Facebook Mulls Music. This Time With Partners.

Facebook is once again considering deepening its music offering. Music already finds its way onto Facebook via authorized widgets and the site’s open API. But according to reports, the social networking giant is in deep talks with a number of streaming services and music community sites, including Rhapsod, iMeem, iLike and Lala about an outsourcing deal that would more deeply integrate their music experience into Facebook.

Facebook has made looked at turning up the volume of music content previously; and the early successes of MySpace Music may have motivated the latest round of talks. Interestlngly Facebook is choosing not to cut its own liscensing deals as MySpace did and instead is eyeing alliances with providers who have already crossed that costly mindfield or at least begun the journey. 

Exactly what a new alliance would offer is unclear.  But a mashup of the best of several services could provide a worthy music alternative.

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  1. Yet another face book/web 2.0 effort to raise the value of a company on the backs of members content.
    Will the face book music service mimic the greed of the wonderful myspace plantation ?
    Artist and content creators our fields are open for you cultivate. Work hard contribute all you can, and in the end we will give you not a dime of the value that you create.
    I think its time that the “Community” turn the web 2.0 share cropper model on its head.
    Demand something in exchange for your content. It has value; that is why myspace and Face Book have “Valuations”. Their Valuations are not based on their technology, it is based on member created content and actions.
    At adelph.us we are trying to put the community first. Our way of doing things may not work; but we think that for the “Community” contributors it is worth the effort.

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