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5 Selfish Reasons Every Musician Should Rejoice That Barack Obama Is Our Next President

This is a victorious update of of Hypebot's election day post.

  1. Rock_the_vote HE'S MORE LIKELY TO BUY YOUR CD -   Barack Obama has eclectic musical tastes. He already has “everything from Howlin’ Wolf to Yo-Yo Ma to Sheryl Crow... (and) probably 30 Dylan songs" on his iPod. Why not you?
  2. AMERICA IS COOL AGAIN - Admit it. You've got worldwide ambitions and it hasn't helped that being American has become about as hip as being Donnie & Marie. Obama's already drawn a crowd in Germany bigger than Coachella and Bonnaroo combined.
  3. TAXES - This is Music 2.0 and you are going to make a lot less than $250K a year. You'll pay less taxes under Obama.
  4. HEALTH CARE -  You can't stay on your parent's health care plan forever. You're self-employed now and there's a lot better chance under Obama that soon you'll be able to get affordable coverage.