3 Trends Driving The Music Industry In 2009

Predictions are easy. Being good at them is much harder. As I’ve been working on my predictions fo3r the music industry for 2009, however, three recurring themes seem to be dominating the industry conversation as we begin the new year.

  • DEMOCRATIZATION –  Giving entrepreneurs, artists and even fans the tools to compete with the major labels and mass media.
  • DATA –  Gathering and crunching actionable date. As you explore all of these new avenues for music discovery, what is working?  How do you break a band in 2009?
  • MONETIZATION – If you can’t make money at it, you probably can’t keep doing it. But how do you monetize music in a down economy?

I explore these trends a bit further and name trendsetting companies to keep an eye on the MidemNet blog with a post 3 Trends, 12 Companies & 1 Wild Card To Watch in 2009.

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  1. Thank you for the information. I’ve been telling people that record companies are out new media labels are in. That all the layoffs at record labels were simply to hire new people in technology. The music business model and industry continues to make adjustments. Those who know will grow those who don’t shall perish it’s the natural order of how things work.

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