Music's Week In Review: Project Playlist Banned, CD's Shunned, Long Tail Questioned, RIAA Shifts & Much More
A Video Mashup Of The Top 25 Hits Of 2008

Monday's Music Briefing: Ad Supported Slump, Playlists, Facebook Music, & More


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  • Bad News For Ad Supported Music: A look inside the ad sales slump at a MySpace and Facebook. (paidContent)
  • Satellite radio is still looking for its pay day. (NY Times) With internet broadcasts going wireless I wonder if it will ever come.
  • UK retails chain Zavvi falls into administration. (Reuters)
  • An op-ed on Project Playlist and how it might be a boon to the record labels that are suing it. (LA Times) "The record companies too need to join entrepreneurs in the Facebook_musicmarketplace, not the courtroom." I agree.
  • LaLa appears may be in the lead to power Facebook Music, but big questions remain. (Venture Beat)
  • "What happens to the music itself when the way to build a career shifts from recording songs that ordinary listeners want to buy to making music that marketers can use?" asks Jon Pareles in the New York Times.
  • Scott Cave of Red Velvet/Rook Interactive writes convincingly that the new is in part an affirmation that its a fertile climate for indie music on his Red Velvet blog.
  • Book publishers face the same challenges in the new marketplace that the record labels do, but this author believes it may weather the digital storm much differently. (Motley Fool)
  • The Year In Music & Branding. (Soundcheck)