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Sniper Twins Court Corporations: Sellout Or Smart?

Seagate Technology, best known for their computer hard drives, has underwritten a new music video from creative duo the Sniper Twins.  The Twins are both musicians and video producers who work with other indie artists, but to fund their endeavors the duo are not afraid to court corporate tie-ins. Even the front page of their web site solicits sponsors: "Sniper Twins perfecting new single and seeking wirelessAndywarhol carrier to partner with..."

Hypebot reader Lefler Sagegrove wrote asking, "Are they sell outs or are they doing what must be done this day and age to make some sound?".  At a time when the industry is looking for sponsors to underwrite everything from concert tours to free music, how far should art go to please commerce? 

What do you think? Are the Sniper Twins the Andy Warhol of music videos successfully blending commerce and art or are they sellouts?