Wednesday’s Music Briefing: Thumbs Down For Choruss, Digital Demo Gets Older, Projected Growth & Much More

Have a great New Year’s Eve and onward to what should be a very interesting 2009!

I will be posting throughout the rest of the holiday break as news warrants it.



  • Thumbsdown_3
    A harsh thumbs down for the proposed Choruss unlimited music service for colleges. (Content Agenda) The post rather convincingly makes the point that Choruss will/should fail because too many rights holders will not/should not sign on because payments are based on estimates rather than solid usage.
  • A new generation of older digital music fans is emerging as teenagers upgrade their old iPods and mp3 players and give them to their parents. (Telegraph UK)
  • Digital music sales are projected to grow 17% annually according to a new Forrester study. (Internet Retailer)
  • Some music and media predictions for 2009. (Inside Music Media)
  • Fans: Curatorial Masters Of The Web (Online Fandom)
  • An indie musicians finds a following on the web. The story of Justin Vernon aka Bon Iver. (WSJ)
  • Music looks to internet for a rivival. (FT) Little new here for regular Hypebot readers, but a good overview.
  • Knowthemusicbiz_logo
    Thanks to David Rose and readers of his KnowTheMusicBiz.com for naming my post Top 10 Indie Music Marketing Tools one their most read articles of 2008.

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