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WMG Distances Itself From University ISP Effort

Last week I wrote about Warner Music Group’s efforts to convince colleges to license music for their students at the ISP level. There’s even a copy of a slide show being passed around. But now WMG is trying to distance itself from the intiative…kind of…

"This presentation belongs to someone outside our company and represents that individual’s interpretation of issues discussed at meetings held several months ago. Of course, we are actively engaged with universities and other parties to seek a constructive resolution to a complex issue – how to assure artists appropriate compensation while enabling the widespread dissemination of their work among fans."

My translation: "We like the idea, but we’re letting somebody else test the waters."  This feels a bit too much like the kind of tentativeness that helped get the music industry in this mess in the first place.  Only bolder efforts – like the ISP licensing that WMG digital guru Jim Griffen has often advocated for – will be required to get out of it. Don’t be tentative, WMG. Be bold.

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  1. I have no idea why any university would sign on for this. It’s been pointed out that the plan closely resembles a protection racket, but it’s also tantamount to universities admitting guilt on their students behalf. I’m no lawyer, but that sounds like something I’d avoid at all costs.

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