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Sell Your Own Ringtones

In addition to downloads its now easy for any band to sell ringtones created from their songs. Most services require no up front costs or long term commitments. You may be tempted to dismiss ringtones as pointless for your style of music. But for hard core fans, its Cell - Marley
another way to show their support; and every time a phone rings and your song plays, it's a free viral ad for your band.

With no upfront costs and and only a small amount of time required, what do you have to loose? Be sure to sure to promote your ringtones from you web site and social networking pages. Here are a few of the

more popular ringtone and ringback services that welcome indie and d.iy. artists. Each has here own payment structure and techinal approach, but there's nothing to keep you from siging up with more than one.

What are your experiences selling ringtones?  What services do you use and like best?

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  1. I’ve tried all of the sites in your list and so far the best one seems to be Thumbplay. No monthly fees or limits on amount of uploads (like Phone Sherpa), sell directly to mobile phones (lulu doesn’t seem to do this) and it is really easy to use.
    Check out the store I’m building with Thumbplay and our ringtone content here:
    Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve been looking for an easy way to distribute our ringtone content for a while now.
    Mark Lewis
    Partners In Rhyme

  2. Most of the sites mentioned above are for sharing ringtones not selling ringtones. On some sites you have to apply to sell ringtones like myxer. offers a lot more than these. Anyone can sell ringtones and wallpapers. In USA, any one can buy with text messages (mobile billing/cell phone billing) while mobile users from rest of the world can buy with credit card and paypal. All content is made DRM so no piracy and you get a widget with every store (see to sell from your website or social networking profiles.

  3. is a rip-off! 5 cents for every dollar! and then you have to BUY a store from them to get 15 or 30 cents for every dollar! PUH-LEASE! I know they are supplying a great deal of the technology, but man oh man, they have to do better than that, especially when you can get a Google Checkout or Paypal account for FREE and get 95% of what you sell!

  4. You might be right about oober, but you have no clue about your claim about 95% from Paypal.
    Even with a verified business Paypal account, you pay .30 cents per transaction, plus 2.9%. In other words, if you sold a ring tone for .99, you’d make .66 cents. Far from 95%!

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