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MidemNet Day 1

This year's MidemNet conference is primarily exploring the
opportunities & solutions to enhance the artist-fan relationship.
What are the most promising ways to foster this relationship further?

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    This is a very well run conference with something for almost everyone if you are open to new ideas and a good networker. I've heard that attendance is down a bit to 8000. 
    Many waiting until the last minute to pay; so no hard numbers. The
    companies and people that move and shake are still here in full force.
  • Surprisingly Napster (with a tiny Best Buy logo in the corner) is a marquee sponsor.
    Not sure if it was a deal done pre-Best Buy buyout or what their goal
    might be since name recognition is the least of their problems.  And
    for all of the money they are spending I have not seen any staffers on
    panels which is standard practice.
  • Last night's Topspin Hypebot Meetup was a great success. Many great conversations with folks

from ReverbNation, A2IM, People Music Store, Topspin, Derek Sivers (who
seems to be enjoying this next phase of his life and planning his next
efforts to serve the indie d.i.y. community) and many more. Thank-you
Ian Rogers for doing all of the heavy lifting.

  • The panel that I hosted on data highlighted the
    importance, opportunities and huge challenges in mining, analyzing and
    using the vast amount of that fan and new media activity generated on
    the net.  Perhaps the most vexing issue is measuring the relative importance of various web activity,  Does, for example, a band's friend on Facebook
    suggest more of a commitment then a friend on MySpace? Many think
    Facebook wins although they also decry how unfriendly to music the site
    is. Panelist Duncan Freeman of Band Metrics has written about discussion on his IndieMusicTech blog. I'll write more about the data topic soon.
  • Interesting interview: J.Y. Park's Worldwide Hit Machine 
  • The full Midem conference starts Sunday.
  • Stay tuned for more.
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