Digital Music

Choruss’ Griffin: “…this business won’t survive.”

"We’ve spent over a decade
with the lawyers nitpicking

over what we call the
transfer of money for music

and I’m tired of it.

What we're trying to do
is to make sure
we don't have
another decade of nitpicking

because this business
won't survive."

– Jim Griffin of Choruss
after a keynote at Digital Music Forum East


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  1. …I don’t know about you….but I will survive…as will the millions of other like me, and you and you…lawyers don’t and won’t dictate what will happen to the music industry..yes they are involved in how money is managed in a commercial exchange… – those that make it and those that like it….is WAY bigger than any therefore or hereby will ever be. If you think I have my head in the sand….go ask a teenager if music makes a difference in their life. As long as people make music, and they will, and there are people who want to listen to that music, it is only a matter of time,patience and ingenuity until a system is in place that will allow anyone, and I mean anyone, to make music, make it available to the public at large at a price that is affordable and sell a profit. This is not brain surgery. Higher volume of transactions at a lower, more reasonable price is the name of the game…just do the math.

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