Daily D.I.Y. – On Being Wrong

Being wrong has a standard protocol to follow and a path to go down. Better to be wrong than right because at least the answer is clear. "What do I do?" you ask Bow your head and walk away.

Maybe, you were wrong about your band, music, and passion.  If you are wrong, which I doubt you are, failure has no particular direction. Just walk, I'm sure the rest will be easy.

If you are right, "Only you know what to do." is what they'll tell you.  Instructions aren't what you need, because there's only one bridge to build and it's up to you to find the right people to help.

After all, it takes a hardworking and smart group of people to build a bridge, but it usually only takes one idiot to burn it down. However, the only way that you'll live what you learn is through the bridges that you've burned. – Kyle Bylin, Associate Editor

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  1. There are no “onlys” in the world we live in…except of course, you can only do something if you’re alive….i.e. if your dead….your dead….then it’s all about legacy, etc. That said, although mistakes can be helpful…again, i.e. that didn’t work so let me try something different, success or “being right” about something is a wonderful affirmation or reaffirmation of who we are and why we’re doing whatever it is we are doing. Let’s try and be a little positive here folks, it’s not all about doom and gloom…sometimes it’s about joy and happiness….what a concept. Right?

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