Friday’s Music Brief: RIAA Cuts, WMG vs. MTV, Pirate Bay’s Nazi, Ustream At SXSW & More

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  • Rock Band
    MTV i
    s supposedly boycotting Warner Music artists in its Rock Band game. (Techdirt)
  • The Pirate Bay's neo-Nazi sugar daddy. (Register)
  • Live online video enabler Ustream will broadcast from SXSW from the special Ustream Studio “Live from The Belmont” offering performances, panels and online interaction.
  • A look inside the Tenenbaum file sharing lawsuit and the unorthodox Harvard Law team that is helping to fight it.(ars)
  • "Hey, Warner, Leave those Kids Alone" (EFF.org)
  • IPhone
    The iPhone is apparently not selling well in Japan so one carrier will begin giving it away. (CrunchGear)
  • How To Kill The Music Industry. (Torrent Freak)
  • KIOSK Information Systems and Mix & Burn release new MP3 music download service for kiosks.
  • BridgeCo raised $6M in new financing for networked entertainment technologies.
  • Getting Back On Track: Some Tips For The Music Business. (paidContent)
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