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Indie Band Pays Fans To Download Album

Officer RoselandAs part of  a marketing campaign motivated by tough economic times and a cluttered music marketplace, Indie rock band Officer Roseland is paying fans $1 to download their new album from the website

The band will offer fans two option: The first called "TAKE" pays $1 to download the album Stimulus Package. The second "GIVE" donates that $1.00 to the charity Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation. In either case, the fan receives the album at no cost to them. 

Formed in 2000, Officer Roseland is a 4 piece independent rock band from Philadelphia, PA. The band has recorded 4 studio albums, has had music featured in independent films and animations and toured internationally.

Stimulus Package is an album with a distinctly satirical edge, skewering the commercialism of the recording industry - and of American society at large - with a warped sense of humor that is the band's signature. "We were definitely aware of the thematic tone the album was taking on pretty early in the writing process" said Daidone.

UPDATE: Band Responds To Criticism