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Yesterday Hypebot profiled indie band Officer Roseland's offer to pay fans $1 to download their new album. The promotion drew strong comments from some readers who thought the scheme devalued the band - and indie music in general. The band's Dan Daidone responded to the controversy:

Officer Roseland Our initial intention was to see what the general public would do if given the choice of "Give or Take" for their $1.00 stimulus payment for downloading our album.  A sociological experiment of sorts.  Is it gimmicky? Sure.  This being our 4th release, we've learned (often, the hard way) some lessons about music and marketing.  Our main objective is to gain new listeners and to help a worthy cause.  Obviously, the timing of this release could NOT have been better and truthfully, this idea was spawned soon after people were receiving their initial stimulus payments from G.W. Bush, LONG before the Obama stimulus plan was even a thought! 

For the "Take" portion (where the fan actually gets paid) the band will be pay $1.00 through paypal. We are funding that through our own (the bands) money.  However, because no one in the band is independently wealthy, we are most likely putting a cap on the limit of "take" dollars that we pay, and from then on, the album will be FREE For life. 

The "Give" portion is (hopefully) being funded by sponsors who are helping us with this cause. We do have some sponsors already, but not nearly enough to fund the entire program (At this time).

 It made sense, in several ways, to contribute to a music based charity and the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation was interested in what we were doing. - Dan

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