DIY: Free Can Build Your Email List

Free music is here to stay, but how do you use free to make money? Free music We'll be exploring that issue all week on the Daily DIY as well as other daily posts during Hypebot's Last Free Week

As Kevin Kelly wrote "When copies are free, you need to sell things which can not be copied."  Live performances are one of the things that the net can't reproduce, and the most proven way to to mobilize your audience to come to a show is your email list.

But building your email list can be a frustrating process.  One proven way to jump start the process is by giving a track or album away in exchange for that email address.  Bandcamp and others offer free or affordable tools that allow you via widgets or emails from other fans to give away a track in exchange for their email address. 

Reward your existing fans with a free track, ask them to forward your offer to at least three of their friends and watch you email list grow.

Tell us how you have used free to promote your music and join the free music debate.

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  1. At Eccentric Musician we sell live performance recordings via MP3. We give the artist the option as to whether they want to give a free track away and if they want something for it like an email address.
    http://www.eccentricmusicians.com we are here for New England based artists and bands.

  2. this is certainly our model at noisetrade, and we’re seeing a lot of artists have a lot of success with it. the money will never come through the old channels again, time to look for it down the road. but it will be more consistent and dependable. once you make meaningful connections with fans and get their information in the transaction you’re on your way to a sustainable, blue collar job that you can do for as long as you want it. trading free music for information with which you can make your living feels pretty fair to us.

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