1. Interesting conservation.
    Where is the music industry headed? No one really knows. Many think they do, right? Artist know, more than ever, their success will be determined by their fans/customers. Even if major labels continue to sign new artist to 360 Deals, the mass of good/great indie artist needs cannot and will not be met.
    So, the Majors sign 100 new artist/year? Where does that leave the thousands of other good/great artist?
    The only smart way I see an artist signing with a major is for the short term to help build their fan base faster. Once an artist has a decent following, they don’t really need a major label and all their financial backing….do they?
    As Gilli Moon states, the future of music should not be DIY but DIT (Do It Together), which means the success of music will depend on everyone being an integral team performer taking care of music’s number one asset: THE FAN.

  2. One other point or question I want to ask is:
    Who is addressing the inequities in the music world towards female artist? When will the ‘playing field’ become more level for them? Or better still, when will they be allowed equal access to the playing field?
    Why do labels, radio, venues, fairs and festivals give more slots/gigs/air play to male artist? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy male artist just as much as anyone, but, not when females of equal or better talent are being ignored by the aforementioned.
    You can look at the entertainment schedules of any venue and I promise you the booking of male to female fronted bands is 6-8 to 1…why is this? I hear male bands have a better draw, but, isn’t that because male fronted bands are given more visibility/bookings in the music world? I promise you, in Texas Country Music, you will hear 7-9 songs by males, before you hear one by a female on most all stations….Is this right?
    I have always heard: “Follow the Money” for answers to questions / concerns like this. If that is the case, then there is no such thing as artistic value in music.
    In all other areas of business commerce, this would be called discrimination, but, in the music world, who knows what goes on behind closed doors?
    I say it’s time for REAL CHANGE in the way female artist are treated….it’s time they are afforded the opportunity to at least get on the field to compete, to demonstrate they are entertainers; they know how to make connections; & create moments for fans.
    I say its time for BIG CHANGE in the way female artist are treated in the music world/business.

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