Monday’s Music Brief: Coda.fm, Nokia, Nocturne, Hillary Rosen, Retail & More



  • Nokia comes with music logo phoneNokia's Comes With Music wants to drop DRM. (Channel News Asia via Music Ally)
  • French distributor Nocturne which handles almost 300 labels appears close to bankruptcy. (Billboard.biz)
  • A critical look at Hillary Rosen's new job as a lobbyist for Live Nation. (Hitsville)
  • Music Retail Going, Going, Just About Gone: Virgin Shutting Two More Music Stores.(Media Memo)
  • Spotify hopes to steer fans away from piracy. (FT) I think ending piracy is a bit optimistic even for this great service billed as 21st century radio.
  • Labels size up Web 2.0 music services. (cNet)
  • Last week Sheryl Crow got blasted by the New York Times
    and others for playing a private event for Northern Trust – a bank
    which took taxpayer bailout funds. The Wall Street Journal take a look inside the event.
  • In case you missed the fun, archived video of the Senate hearing on the Live Nation Ticketmaster merger is now viewable online.
  • The complexities of music licensing is a major impediment to innovation. (ars)


    • How To Kill The Music Industry. (TorrentFreak)
    • Why Piracy Is Not Actually A Problem For The Music Industry. (TechDirt)
    • Geeks Only: Ethan Kaplan on Warner Bros. + Reprise Records. How does Warner Bros. Records work with Drupal? (Drupalcon)
    • Former Hot Buttered Rum manager and MOG team member Dan Carlstrom lands at credentials (aka backstage pass) company AccessDesign in business development.
    • Musician Benjamin Taylor + Topspin + Social Media = ecosystem. (9 Giant Steps)
    • Band Metrics Named a 2009 Top 40 Innovative Georgia Technology Company (IndieMusicTech)
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