MusicMetric Launches MuZoid Twitter Music App

Music industry analysis firm MusicMetric has launched MuZoid, a Twitter music exploration application. Send a tweet with the name of a band or artist to twitter.com/muzoid and in seconds you receive a link to a web page with gigs, a discography with price comparisons between vendors, and a recommendation of similar artists that you might enjoy.

MuZoid uses MusicMetric’s text-mining technology to provide gig and album information for each artist. The company regularly sifts through data from a database of over 6 million artists.

Greg Mead, Co-Founder at MusicMetric, said: “Music fans searching for gig and album information would obviously prefer to find the relevant content quickly, especially when trying to make a purchase. Twitter is a platform built around real-time messaging and using this network in combination with MusicMetric’s data mining technology will ensure that fans can get the information they need far quicker than using a Google search.”  

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  1. I guess its integrating it into twitter that’s cool…suggested gigs is nice too although seems only to work in the UK 🙁

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