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Digital Music B2B Provider 24-7 Ent. Sold

24_7_logo 24-7 Entertainment which operates 41 online and mobile music and ringtone stores in 13 European countries hs been acquired by electronics retailer Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH. 27-7 claims license with over 12,000 labels including all four major record companies.

24-7 Entertainment will remain under the management of its founders, Frank Taubert and Carl Nielsen and operate as an independent business unit. The company will continue to function as a turnkey one-stop-shop for digital distribution to retailers, telecoms, manufacturers and media companies

EMI Joins Sony On Project Playlist

Project playlist UPDATED: Project Playlist has added EMI’s catalog to its music discovery and playlist offering. EMI also dropped its lawsuit against the company. Sony had signed on with the service several months ago.

Project Playlist had been flying high with 42 millions registered users when takedown notices from the major labels it had not made deals with forced their widgets off MySpace and then Facebook.The EMI deal means that Project Playlist is halfway home in its bid to license all four majors.

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Daily DIY: Use Free Video Creatively

DailyDIY Youtube wide After you've achieved almost any level of success, there will be a variety of videos about you on YouTube and around the net.  Some you probably uploaded; while others cam from friends, fans and even your family.  They also probably vary in quality from the professional to the embarrassingly bad.

How can can you use all of these videos - even the bad ones - to your advantage?

First learn to use two free tools:
  • Clipnabber ClipNabber for grabbing online fan videos
  • Video editing software. Here are links to 5
Now you are ready to:
  • Organize them into your own YouTube Channel
  • Don't have enough videos? Spearhead a local band channel like "Metal in Roanoke" or Bluegrass In Boise"
  • Use Clipnabber to grab all the videos from very sources then create your own "best of" video concert.  Have you fans help you choose the songs

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Thursday's Music Brief: imeem Troubles, The Orchard's $$'s, Seeqpod Cloning, Coolfer & More



  • Seeqpod Facing Legal Pressure, SeeqPod Plans to Spawn Clones. (Epicenter) I love this strategy and it proves again why the labels need to work with startups rather than sue them.
  • The latest release from the Decemberists landed at No. 14 on the album charts this week despite a sizable handicap: It wasn't available on CD. (Pop & Hiss)
  • Coolfer Glenn Peoples is the new Senior Editorial Analyst at Billboard Magazine which means that sadly after 5+ years he is shutting down his wonderful Coolfer blog.  I'm sure Glenn will continue his smart and much needed analysis of the music industry for Billboard. Here's his first Billboard.biz article. CONGRATULATIONS GLENN!
  • Jim Griffin Explains Choruss (TechDirt)
  • The HD Digital Radio Alliance announced two major milestones with 1,000 multicast stations now on-air and 100 different HD Radio receivers now available at retail. (FMQB)
  • As announced in January, April 7th appears to be the date that iTunes finally adds variable pricing at $.69 $.99 and $1.29.  (LA Times) One source told Hypebot that surprisingly the majors, who have fought for flexible pricing for several years, are scrambling to set their pricing strategies.
  • MouseWorthy Click: New playlist mashup site MixTape.me

Is That You Fitty? IM Is Coming To MySpace

Myspace In what could become a valuable new tool for direct band to fan communication, MySpace is bringing its desktop instant messaging client, MySpaceIM, to its social networking pages. The company is beta-testing in Canada, but will roll it out to other English-speaking countries including the U.S. over the next few weeks with other regions to follow.

The new MySpaceIM sits at the bottom of the browser window in its own toolbar, according to CNet, with  ta format similar to Facebook Chat. It can also pop out into its own browser window. Privacy settings allow IMs with MySpace users not on your friends list, be invisible or to only accept IMs from approved friends.

50 cent Imagine thousands of fans asking 50 Cent questions via IM. And will it really be Fitty who answers?

Mobile Music Gaining Fans Says New Study

Cell - Marley A new KPMG and Mobile Entertainment Forum study shows that three quarters of US consumers are happy with their experience downloading and listening to songs on their mobile phone.

21% of the U.S. respondents and 30% globally have purchased songs at least once on their phones in the past year. 84% of US and 66% of global purchasers said they were satisfied with the downloading and listening experience. That's more that 3 times the 26% who were satisfied with mobile downloads in in a similar US survey in 2007. 

In what could be a boon for both advertisers and music, almost 29% of US consumers and 49% globally are also willing to accept ads on their mobile in exchange for free downloads.

Consumers also say they are more satisfied with their experience downloading and viewing video clips on...

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Interview: Nancy Baym of Online Fandom (Part 3)


Kyle Bylin, Associate Editor

Bylin:  During your keynote, Online Community and Fandom, you said, “The Internet has transformed what it means to be a music fan. Fans can and do build communities more rapidly and successfully now than ever before, with consequences not just for their own experience of music, but for everyone involved in the creation, distribution and promotion of music in any capacity.”

In The Social Affordances of the Internet for Networked Individualism, Barry Wellman and his associates concluded, “The developing personalization, wireless portability, and ubiquitous connectivity of the Internet all facilitate networked individualism as the basis of community.”

Q:  How does the localization and mobilization of Online Communities and Fandom change the way we think about Mass Mediated Popular and Niche Interest Music Culture?

Nancy Baym: Mass mediated pop culture is going to continue. There will always be a market for the Britney Spears of the world. But like I was saying earlier about local cultures gaining transnational audiences, what used to be contained within tiny niches have increased potential to spread beyond niche status. This really came home to me when I heard Peter, Björn and John played between Diana Ross and U2 at a drive-in hamburger joint in the middle of Kansas.

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Digital Jukebox Maker TouchTunes Sold

700 Million Songs Played AnnuallyTouchtunes

Digital jukebox and in-bar entertainment provider TouchTunes  will merge with Victory Acquisition (which trades on the NYSE Amex as VRY) for 33 million shares of Victory stock and a $40 million debt assumption.

The combined company will operate as TouchTunes and is expected to trade publicly on the NASDAQ or another stock exchange. According to Eric Watson, Chairman of Victory, “With up to $310 million in equity capital at closing, TouchTunes should be able to expand its market presence and accelerate its already significant technology lead and distribution channel advantage”.

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MySpace Music Adds 3 To Executive Team

Myspace_music logo MySpace Music has made three additions to their senior executive team including SVP of Strategy and Global Marketing, a Chief Technology Officer, and a VP of Business and Legal Affairs.

Jamie Kantrowitz was named SVP Strategy and Global Marketing. She will also oversee content partnerships and original programming, label relations, and marketing initiatives worldwide. She will be based in New York, where MySpace Music will add an office. Jamie had served as MySpace’s SVP President, International Marketing and Content based in London.

Alex Maghen will serve as Chief Technology Officer for MySpace Music. Previous positions include CTO at Yahoo! Music/Launch Media and at MTV Networks Online.

Nancy Taylor joins MySpace Music as Lead Counsel, VP Business and Legal Affairs. Most recently she was SVP, Office of the Chairman and CEO of Warner/Chappell Music.

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More SXSW Impressions

"I went to Interactive and Music and despite budget cuts I was shocked as to how few music people there were there. It was incredibly educational and I think the $350 interactive badge is much more worthwhile than the $500 music badge. I haven't been to a SXSW music panel in years." - Nicole, Sideways Media

Sxsw_09 "The message of DIY has gone mainstream.  From the number of DIY topics discussed at SXSW panels, to the trade show packed full of tech services to artist to help them, “DIY” the concept was as ubiquitous as beer & bbq

True to form, DIY has manifested itself in an interesting way that is uniquely SXSW.  More than any year I have ever attended, there were more events and fans existing OUTSIDE the SXSW event/badge system then EVER.  The SXSW demo is highly coveted and sponsors can cut costs associated with reaching this demo by creating events without having to cut SXSW in.  There were literally smaller festivals happening WITHIN the SXSW festival taking advantage of the SXSW generated drawing power. 

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Daily DIY: Connect With Your Fans

DailyDIY Building a fanbase is about building a community and the cornerstone of any successful community is communication - two-way communication.

lFan Once you wrestled their email address from them and got them visiting your site and going to shows, its important for every artist to spend time communicating with their fans and not just talking at them. But how can you do it without loosing your privacy?

  • Spend time at the merchandise table. Not only will sales soar, but the fans wil get a chance to talk with you face to face.
  • On you blog or in your forum, have each band member take a turn making this "Ask Joey (or Sam or Paul) Week".

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Wednesday's Music Brief: Mobile, MySpace, Last.fm, China Blocks YouTube & More



  • Last.fm is moving from free to fee outside US, UK and Germany. (Billboard) I'll bet its all in markets where online advertising is not generating revenue.
  • AT&T first to test RIAA antipiracy plan. (CNet)
  • China Blocks YouTube, Google Tries to Reinstate Access (Epicenter)
  • A look at yesterday's Nashville keynote by Rio Caraeff, the executive VP of the eLabs group of Universal Music Group. (Techdirt Too bad this guy is running Universal.
  • Guitar Hero adds new music from the Pixies, Motorhead, Silversun Pickups, Steely Dan and Nirvana. 
  • Universal Music UK promotes Brian Rose as to managing director of commercial division. (BOC)
  • Optimism shadowed by uncertainty at SXSW (CNN)
  • Sales Tax Could Apply To Digital Music Under Minnesota Bill (AP)
  • Canadian artists' new/old plan: $5 to share music legally (ars)

EMI Reorganizes: Full Text Of Staff Memo

EMI From: Internal Communications
Sent: Monday, March 23, 2009 4:56 PM
To: All Staff
Subject: ORGANIZATION ANNOUNCEMENT - from Elio Leoni-Sceti

Dear all,

With digital now comprising over 20 per cent of our revenues and growing fast, and with the progress we have made in integrating all of our digital operations fully into the business, we will no longer operate a standalone digital function.

Douglas Merrill has today stepped down from his roles as President of Digital and COO of EMI New Music and will be leaving the company.

I would like to thank Douglas for his contribution and to wish him well for the future.

Digital Marketing

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An Interview with Matador's Patrick Amory

Matador As previously posted on Hypebot, Matador Records’ Matablog doubled its traffic in under 12 months leading to an increase in online sales.  The Matablog stands as one of the best examples of an independent label utilising the web to build value for its artists and its fans.  Nick Crocker spoke with Matador Records General Manager Patrick Amory to find out more.

How do you select the content for the Matablog?

Patrick_amory[2] Patrick Amory
: All employees, recording artists and selected friends can request a login and 99% of their content will be published. We encourage people to post both about Matador-related content (release dates, MP3 launches, radio appearances, tour dates) and anything else in which they are interested.

The founders of the company are opinionated, knowledgeable and interested in a ton of subjects besides music. We are fortunate to have staffers who have run fanzines, run (or are running) their own record labels, promoted shows, trekked in the Himalayas, etc.

Same goes with many of the artists. We consider this wealth of interests, combined in many cases with decent writing ability, to be a goldmine for expressing the personality of the label.

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Ted Cohen: The Time Is Now

Ted cohen

None of us have any more time to ponder, reflect, or wait.

We all need to move forward at an accelerated pace,
create new, sustainable partnerships, empower new models,
help 3 guys in a loft in San Francisco
or a flat in Shoreditch to succeed."

- Ted Cohen on yesterday's staff change at EMI
and the need for change throughout the music industry on the MidemNet blog.

More: EMI Reorganizes: Full Text Of Staff Memo

Interview: Nancy Baym of Online Fandom (Part 2)

Kyle Bylin, Associate Editor

Bylin:  The GPS Revolution brings forth the ability to take the music experience of an MP3 player, one in which some critics consider to be ‘socially isolating,’ and enable it to promote ‘networked individualism.’ A term developed by Barry Wellman to describe, “Moving from place-to-place to person-to-person connectivity.” 

With the MP3 player’s forth-coming integration with the Internet, it has the potential to place the ability to engage and interact during consumption into the palm of your hand.

Q:  What qualities of fan empowerment emerge with the mobilization of “Fandom?”

Nancy Baym: Mobility makes it easier for fans to turn each other on to new music instantly rather than saying “you really ought to check out this great song sometime” or “I’ll make you a tape.” Fans do on-the-spot reviewing, posting concert videos, and otherwise getting information and experiences out to other fans much faster than traditional media can.

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IODA Expands Dance & Electronic Offerings

Ioda logo Using Miami's Winter Music Conference as the backdrop, digital distributor IODA  expanded its dance and electronic music offering with the anncounncement of  worldwide agreements Turntables - dj with five new dance & electronic music labels and three boutique retailers.

The new labels include AEI Media Ltd, Easy Street, MN2S, Naked Music, and Soulheaven. New dance retail partners include Boomkat, Halcyon and Wax Poetics. These new partnerships add to IODA’s existing dance and electronic client base which includes Ghostly International, King Street and Jellybean, as well as, specialty shops like Beatport, Juno and DJ Download.

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SXSW Impressions Part 1

"It was my first time there are I thought it was a good time, but I am not sold that the conference was worth the $700. I did sit in on a few of the sessions and did enjoy the "VIP" feeling of skipping lines for bars, but I think $399 would have been fair. Most of the showcases had decent bands and the sound was great everywhere we went. It's a numbers game and you must go to know." - Ivan, Mohawk Bomb Records

Sxsw_09 "SXSW ’09 did seem a little less extravagant in terms of the day party freebies…  Still it continues to be a sprawling marathon of rock and roll and industry meet ups.  I’m always amazed at the hundreds of bands with no hope for attention who continue to flock, but also always find one or two gems by accident… so I guess that’s how it’s supposed to happen.   Best weather in my 5 trips." - Mark Lourie, Skyline Music and The Mark & Pat Show

"There might not have been a massive frenzy like recent years, but business was still being done. (continued...)

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Daily DIY: Practice Does Not Make Perfect

DailyDIY In this last of five excerpts from Reality Check - A Common Sense Guide to Breaking into the Music Industry, author Matthew Walt examines the importance and the limitations of practicing.

My high-school tennis coach, Mr. Murch, taught me an invaluable life lesson when I was about fifteen years old. He said, “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” To me, these are Practice words to live by.

In context, what Mr. Murch was telling me was that it didn’t matter how many balls I hit, or how many backhands and forehands I took every day. If I wasn’t hitting the ball the right way, if I changed my grip and developed a bad habit, then I was ultimately doing more harm than good, no matter how much time I spent on the courts. This is true in every facet of life.

As a musician, you can play for hours at a time but if you aren’t properly warming up and down, or you develop a habit of squeezing your throat and straining to reach the high notes, you can really do damage to your career.

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Tuesday's Music Brief: EMI, IODA, SpiralFrog, PRS, Akon, Live $'s & More

Hypebot Favicon HYPEBOT:

MORE INDUSTRY NEWS:Soundscan_large

  • John Cougar Mellencamp argues that the downfall of the music business was not P2P but Soundscan and BDS. (Huffington Post)
  • Songs download via SprialFrog will stop playing in 60 days. (CNet)
  • Interview: PRS For Music’s Online MD Andrew Shaw On The YouTube Spat (paidContent)
  • Activision Publishing Names Former Yahoo! COO Dan Rosensweig as President and CEO of Guitar Hero Business Unit. (press release)
  • Thomson Introduces new lossless mp3HD file format. (press release)
  • AKON has launched Hitlab, a web destination for emerging artists "to improve their music and be discovered". 
  • Festival Live Concerts Can't Support The Existing Recording Industry... But Did Anyone Ever Say They Would? (TechDirt) Mike Masnick takes a critical look at an 80 page scholarly paper Live Performance, Copyright, and the Future of the Music Business. "Business models based on direct sales and supported by copyright still provide tremendous advantages for creators and consumers."
  • The Memefication Of Your Band. (Hipster Runoff)

EMI Promotes Ondrejka To EVP Digital Marketing

Merrill Exits After Less Than A Year

EMI UPDATED: Cory Ondrejka, who just last year joined EMI after a stint as co-founder Linden Lab's Second Life, has been promoted to the newly-created position of Executive Vice President Digital Marketing. Douglas Merrill has stepped down as President of Digital and COO of its New Music unit.  Merrill joined EMI from Google less than a year ago.

Cory emi With digital sales comprising more than 20% of EMI's revenues, the company is completing the integration of all digital functions into its overall operations and will no longer run a standalone unit. In his new role, Ondrejka will "help to advance the company’s digital marketing capability, developing new consumer and market insight resources and leading EMI’s experimentation with new digital marketing and product models in order to provide the best service to its artists and their fans."

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Allman Brothers Band's Lawyer Says Case Differs From Eminem's

Hypebot asked the co-counsel in the Allman Brothers case against Sony for payment of digital royalties, Brian D. Caplan of Caplan & Ross, LLP, how their case differs from the one which Enimen recently lost:

Legal "In that case there was an amendment to the subject 1998 recording agreement that dealt with 'the sale of albums by way of permanent download…'  which treated downloads as a general royalty generating activity like the sale of a cd.  In our case,  no such language exists and the subject record agreements simply state that the artist is entitled to 50% of the licensing income SONY received from the lease of the artist’s master recordings. The judge in the Eminem case opined that the agreement between iTunes and Universal Music was a license."

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UK's Kudos Records To Self-Distribute

Kudos records Following the demise of Pinnacle, the UK's Kudos Record Limited is now self-distributing and offering physical distribution services to other indie labels, shipping fom it’s Kentish Town warehouse. The distributor has also teamed up with Trilogy Logistics, who will provide Kudos with fulfilment services to HMV, super market chains, and non-traditional outlets.

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Allman Bros. Sony Lawsuit Reinstated

The class action lawsuit filed by the Allman Brothers Band alleging that Sony Music is not paying 50% of the net licensing and leasing income received from digital download stores, as the Brothers believe they are contractually obligated to, has been reinstated by a U.S. Federal Court Judge.

Allman Brother logo  vsSony new logo

A recent Cailfornia court decision in a somewhat similar case brought by the co-owners of some Eminem material against Interscope found that digital transactions constituted a sale rather than a licence. But if this court finds that Sony licensed or leased its master recordings to digital download providers, it - and other labels - could owe millions of dollars to thousands of artists who signed deals from the 1960's to mid-1990's.

UPDATE:  Allman Brothers co-counsel speaks out on how their case differs from the recent Eninem lawsuit which was rejected by a Calfornia court here.

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Bad Boy Bronfman: Too-Big Bonus And A Baby

Edgar Bronfman right  MIA

Why Edgar? Why?

Last week the already rich Edgar Bronfman Jr. was named to the Wall Street Journal's shortlist of CEO's that received excessive bonuses despite their companies loosing big money last year. Bronfman took a $3 million bonus on top of his $1 million pay for leading the Warner Music Group to a $35 million loss last year.

Now comes word that Edgar is Grandaddy of the illegitimate child that singer M.I.A gave birth to hours after her Grammy's performance. Ben Brewer, Bronfman's son from his first marriage, is the father of  M.I.A's new baby named (I kid you not) Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman. Hollywood gossip site TMZ  even has the birth certificate to prove it

Money grab It's interesting that M.I.A. preferred to forgo daddy Brewer's last name and put Bronfman on the birth certificate. Perhaps it's to strengthen the child's future claim to the Bronfman family zillions...which bring us back to the question of why Edgar took the excessive bonus in the first place.

I remember now.  It's all about the music

Justice Dept. Probes Live Nation Ticketmaster Deal

Department Of Justice Live nation ticketmaster large The US Department Of Justice is seeking additional information from both Live Nation and Ticketmaster in their ongoing investigation into their proposed merger. The two companies say they expected the inquiry often referred to as a "second request" is pursuant to the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act.

On February 10th, Live Nation and Ticketmaster Entertainment announced their proposed merger. The two say that they expect the merger to close before the year's end subject to regulatory, shareholder and third-party approvals.

Interview: Nancy Baym of Online Fandom (Part 1)


Kyle Bylin, Associate Editor

Today, I spoke with Nancy Baym, who is Associate Professor of Communication Studies at The University of Kansas and author of the Online Fandom blog.  After reading Bruce’s write-up about her MidemNet presentation back in January, I became instantly curious and familiarized myself with the rest of her work.

Leading up to me asking if she would share her thoughts on Online Fandom, Mobilized Communities, and The Future of the Networked Audience with the Hypebot community.

Q:  What is “Online Fandom?” 

Nancy Baym:  Online fandom is what happens when people who are passionate about a band (or TV show or whatever) use the internet to discuss, interpret, critique, create new materials around, and otherwise share their experience of whatever it is they are fans of together. It’s actually one of the earliest phenomena to emerge online – the internet’s inventors set up a mailing list called SF-Lovers for science fiction fans to talk about sci-fi over the net in the early 1970s, long before it was even called “the internet.”

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NewBandDaily Promises New Artist Discovery

New band dailt logo NewBandDaily launches Monday with an email newsleNew Band Dailytter that delivers one new and up-and-coming music artist free to subscribers’ inboxes every weekday. NewBandDaily culls dozens of indie artists recommended by 17 global correspondents and selects one band to profile and review, including a recommendation of best songs and a link to music.

While NewBandDaily could provide important exposure for new artists, the newsletter will also needs to quickly offer compelling proof that their 17 correspndents are gatekeepers worth inviting to our overcrowded inboxes each day.