RockBand Passes $1B In Sales, 40M Songs

The Rock Band game franchise has surpassed $1 billion in North American retail sales in just 15 months, according to the NPD Group. 40 million songs have been through the Rock Band platform. 
Originally launched in November 2007, Rock Band is the multi-million unit selling, genre-defining music game published by MTV. The game has had a strong impact on both music promotion and sales.

 Rock Band Music Stats:Rock Band

  • 614 songs offered via on-disc and in-game music store
  • 269 different artists
  • Over 40 million paid songs have sold since Rock Band launch
  • 11 albums released to via Rock Band including AC/DC Live, The Cars, Judas Priest, Pixies, Motley Crue, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Megadeth, Rush, No Doubt and Stevie Ray Vaughan, as well as special compilations from The Who, Nirvana, The Grateful Dead and Boston
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  1. The thing that gets me about this is that artists aren’t making any money off of this only rockband. 40 million divided by 614 is an average of 65,000 tracks per artist. The payout is about a dollar a track, so while a nice piece of ancillary income – Rockband makes 40 million and the artist makes 70k. The money is not in content but aggregation.

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