Higher iTunes Prices Meant Lower Sales Last Week


Billboard is reporting that the recent price increases to $1.29 on some hit tracks at iTunes lead to lower sales, but slightly higher revenue last week.  Sales figures shows that tracks whose price rose from $.99 to $1.29 sold 12.5% fewer units than during the previous week. Tracks that stayed at $.99  sold 10% more than the previous week.

On iTunes's Top 100, of which about half the tracks are sold at $1.29, sales dropped 1%. But revenues were up over the previous week, according to iTunes who declined to provide exact numbers.

More: Billboard via paidContent.

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  1. One thing I’d like to point out: iTunes did not provide revenue estimates. Those were my estimates based on track sales and retail prices. And all numbers pointed to overall revenue being up for the songs that were changed to $1.29 last Tuesday.

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