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Virgildickerson COLUMN: You Can Always Go Back To School by Virgil Dickerson of Suburban Home Records and The Vinyl Collective.

Iphone-terminal When you are on tour, invariably the situation comes up where a would be customer wants to purchase a shirt and a CD (who am I kidding, an LP), they don't have cash, and the ATM machine is either no where to be found or not working. This usually results in the concert-goer going home empty handed, but it doesn't have to.

I know that CD baby has offered bands a device that can make carbon copies of credit cards, but this doesn't help you if the card has no funds.You end up giving that person a free record or shirt when you go to run the card and it comes back declined. I have brought my laptop to events we had set up with the hope that the venue has wifi and I can log into my Merchant Account and use their virtual terminal to run credit cards, but that doesn't always work the best.

Innerfence now offers bands and well, pretty much anyone, the ability to run credit cards with your IPhone. And that isn't even the best part of the deal, for a limited time...

when you sign up for an account, you get a $50 ITunes gift card which cover the price tag of the application. With this application, you can run customers' credit cards and get an instant response if the transaction is approved or declined over any Edge, 3G, or Wifi network. You can read more about it on the developer's site and if you are considering it, I do recommend you read everything as there is a $25 per month service fee on top of what looks like pretty normal merchant percentages.

But think about the possibilities. You can now run credit cards at any event, and with, you can run credit cards on your website. We use for our online store and have been doing so for years and years and I could not give a better recommendation on their services. This might not be the answer for everyone, but I would think that a band that tours regularly could greatly benefit from this application. Check it out