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Lefsetz On The Album

Album on turntable "Pure greed, not artistry."

"Don’t you realize that’s what the album was about, money?  That’s how you got paid, by delivering an album...  Selling 33’s was much more profitable than selling 45’s.  And the high-priced/low royalty CD was even more of a moneymaker than the LP record.  That’s how we got here.  Pure greed, not artistry."

"If you want to record a full-length statement, be my guest.  I see nothing wrong with that.  But are you really interested in laying down ten tracks on wax if you’re not going to trigger a payment?"

"An album’s worth of material usually does not build an audience.  A TRACK builds an audience.  If you’re a career artist, people will want more tracks.  But only if they’re good."

"So the focus is no longer on cutting ten songs, but cutting GOOD songs!  There’s an unlimited audience for GREAT songs."

"...DON’T tell me how much you love albums.  That’s like labels saying no one will ever download music from the Internet.  The album is history, you just don’t know it yet.  STATEMENTS are not history, but are you really making a statement?"

"The insta-collection of ten tracks is no longer the starting point, rather you dole out your tracks in drips and drabs, making each release a minor marketing event, that keeps people interested, that keeps them going to the show..."

"We live in an information society.  That’s what your fans want, information.  They don’t want a CD dropped every few years with canned hype, they want continuous info.  Don’t get locked into the album syndrome.  You’re missing the future."

- From The Lefsetz Letter