Seeqpod Back Online…Sort Of

Seeqpod Seeqpod apparently has migrated to its promised new servers. The site os back online, but all of its popular former functionalities are gone. "We'll be back soon, stay tuned!" is the only explanation along with "Meanwhile, enjoy one of our featured artists" and an offer for indie band Arlo Hero's new EP plus a Seeqpod T-Shirt for just $4.  Whether this signals a new direction for an embattled Seeqpod or they are just cleaning out their swag closet is unclear.

Seeqpod went down on Friday and over the next few days company founder
Kasian Franks stated emphatically that the mp3 search and play site
would be back shortly. It was not the pending lawsuits that brought the
site down, he said.  They were just "in the process of moving a few
servers".  In fact, Seeqpod is in acquistion talks with "a large media company
that was a competitor to Apple," claimed Franks.

Radical new directions seldom work well for sites like Seeqpod (When was the last time you visited Muxtape post melt-down?), and lawsuits scare away investors. Fickled fans are already finding Seeqpod substitutes which the labels can also pointlessly take to court.

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