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Why Is No Susan Boyle Download Available?

Susan boyle Are you sick of this story? Me too.  But there are lessons that can be learned from Susan Boyle.

The meteoric rise the Britian's Got Talent contestant has led to more than 100 million plays on YouTube making it the most popular video in YouTube's history.  All those clicks should mean a nice check for Susan or at least the TV show's producer, shouldn't it?

Wired's Eliot Van Buskirk did a little digging and found that according to a Google spokesperson "That video is not being monetized."  That means that $500,000 in licensing fees and more than $1M in overlay ad revenue are being left on the table.

Just as importantly, why in this age of immediacy aren't YouTube, producer Simon Cowell and his Sony BMG label selling downloads on her YouTube pages? If just one half of one percent of those that watched the video hit buy, that's 500,000 downloads. The digital age providesopportunities, but only if marketers grab them.