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Labels Unhappy With MySpace Music Revenue

Myspace_music logo The major label partners who co-own MySpace Music are pleased with the traffic that the service is generating. But during a recent closed door meeting the labels also made it clear that they are not pleased with the revenue they are receiving, according to a variety of sources.

The labels are pushing for more integration with the greater MySpace site, as well as, other changes that might drive sales. The freedom which MySpace offers users to create profile
designs has created a behind the scenes nightmare for developers trying
to integrate additional features.


New MySpace Music chief Courtney Holt apparently impressed the labels with his willingness to listen and promises for change. One source told cNet that all the labels appear "very confident" in Holt and "nobody is panicking."

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  1. Oh what a shocker!@*&#@. Sorry Mr. Major label, the easy money has left the building. Welcome aboard the same boat as the indies -“THE SSS FANS RULE”. Things have changed. You’ll have to get down and communicate, facilitate and build relationships with the fans (those yankers who used to frequent HMV) like the rest of us are doing.
    MySpace – really!!. What do you expect from just posting a photo, 5 demo’s and a video link to Youtube – easy cash? Welcome aboard the new model.

  2. Honestly, they will all need to start getting more creative.
    It will be interesting so see how Myspace strategizes and develops with their new leadership in place.

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