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Bands & Brands Hit Snag Registering Custom Facebook URL

Custom Facebook URL Delayed For Pages With Less Than 1000 Friends

Facebook no Facebook launched free custom URL's as promised at 12:0 AM on Saturday and for those who use a standard profile page grabbing an easier to find and remember  url like went off without a hitch.  But some artists, labels and other brands that use Facebook "pages" rather than profiles ran into a brick wall.

Hypebot reader and metal blogger Daily Grind altered us to the problem on Saturday.  Artists, labels, bloggers and other brands who had pages with fewer than 1000 Facebook friends were being blocked from registering custom URL's.  But Hyepbot has leaned that the restriction for smaller bands and brands will be lifted on June 28th. 

You could work harder to get your friend count over 1000 or mark your calendars for 6/28 (and we'll try to remind you), because that's when another land grab for Facebook url's begins.

If you think your name (or other content) has been infringed upon, you can also file a complaint with Facebook called a " Notice of Intellectual Property Infringement (Non-Copyright Claim)". It can be found and filled out here.

Hopefully, Facebook will learn to be more specific and transparent with it's policies in the future. 

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  1. All of this was announced and widely blogged about prior to the 12:01AM rush, so I’m not sure the “Hopefully, Facebook will learn to be more specific and transparent with its policies in the future” comment is warranted. But it does make me wonder why it was necessary to draw the line at 1,000 for Pages.

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