Track Your Daily D.I.Y. Activity

Confused Update your web site. Spend 20 minutes each answering fan emails on MySpace and Bebo.  Post your new track to iLike and your Reverb Nation widget. Then there's that live video for YouTube… Its a lot to remember, and which actions are actually acheiving results?

Christopher Lars Carlson has created a simple chart (download a free copy after the jump) to help hold yourself accountable for all the "business"
things you should be doing to build a self-sustaining career. "Every artist is different,"  says Chris Carlson. "Some may see more results
from reaching out to bloggers, while others will benefit from
hyperactivity on MySpace."

"By keeping track of your activity and
weighing it against the results of your analytics, you will hopefully
be headed in the right direction," he continues. "It is my hope that this sheet will sit on your desk, and as you go through the week,it will act as a reminder of where you need to focus."

Download a pdf of the D.I.Y. Activity Tracker here or make one that fits your own marketing plan.

Christopher Lars Carlson will be graduating in December from Berklee College of Music with a BA in Music Production & Engineering. He is currently managing Tom Howie, whose new EP, "The Chester Sessions", he produced as well. Chris is also the co-manager and producer of Project K-Paz.

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