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Dog homework Almost a month ago, I asked readers, "What program do you use to collect email addressees and stay connected with your fans?". After getting a couple of dozen great responses, I was ready to turn them into a poll and they we're gone!  Every single comment was missing.  I contacted my blog provider TypeEmailpad, but so far they have not been able to help.

So I'm apologetically asking for a do over.  Email programs to connect with fans come in all shapes and sizes, and cost anything from free to hundreds of dollars a month.  Which email program works best for you?

The Rules:

  1. Let us know the name of the email program that you use in the Comments Section. Sharing why you like it and a url is great, but not required.
  2. We'll count up the top programs and put together a formal poll later this week for you to vote on. We reserve the right to add a company or two to the poll if some of the most popular programs are not included.
  3. We'll share the results in a special post with links to and reviews of the top programs.
What program do you use to collect email addressees and stay connected with your fans?
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  1. I use fanbridge for my band and solo project and it is much easier to use than the other services. Their customer support is also super helpful.

  2. I’ve been using Fanbridge for the past couple of months (previously maintained like 3 different e-mail lists through facebook, myspace and gmail). One thing I noticed immediately is that the customer service is awesome. I got a personal call within days of signing up asking if I needed any help getting started. It took some time to migrate our lists over because I decided to do it myself(Fanbridge offers e-mail list uploading services for free, which would have been the quick and pain free option, but for some masochistic reason I didn’t take advantage of it). And sending out campaigns, that was previously a chore to do, is now significantly easier thanks to Fanbridge. Can’t wait to try out the analytics stuff when my band gets a little bigger!

  3. http://www.madmimi is the way to go. They’ve created a killer, user-friendly interface. Their customer experience has been second-to-none so far. And their prices surely beat all the others. This company embodies the ‘indie’ spirit, and they sure are out there to knock the fat, lazy services off their comfortable seats.

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