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Looking Beyond The Music Industry For Inspiration

It's easy to be critical of the music industry and far more difficult to offer solutions. As I wrote today on the MidemNet blog, from Bob Lefsetz to Hypebot, there are many of us who are ready and willing to share our "insider" perspectives.  But some of the most educated and Thinker right informative opinions about our business is coming from outsiders.

Fortunately for all of us, some of the brightest minds in marketing, socio-economics, management, tech and other fields are also fans who sometimes find inspiration in music and the music industry. Just a few of the great:"outsider" minds that I've been inspired by lately include:
  • Umair Haque
  • Seth Godin
  • Richard Florida
  • Kevin Kelly
  • Om Malik
There a more extensive list of people that inform and inspire me from both inside and outside of the music industry on the MidemNet blog here.

Read it and then please let us all know who is influencing the way that you think about the music industry. Who provides your inspiration?