Monday’s Music Brief: Sony + eMusic, Ticket Sale, PT Barnum, BitTorrent, PlayStation Downloads & More

Hypebot Favicon Sorry for the delay in getting this summary online today. But I wanted to make sure it was up to the minute and I was out late last night at a great Willie Nelson show.  We talk about The Grateful Dead and NIN building tribes, but Willie too has built a tribe of his own. Also, big news today both from Live Nation and eMusic.  Read on and please share your thoughts.



  • RIAA RIAA responds: Nesson more like P.T. Barnum than David. Op-ed: In this opinion piece, RIAA General Counsel Steven Marks takes on Harvard Law professor Charles Nesson. (ars) Just get this trial into court for God sakes, let us watch it online and judge for oursleves.
  • Nielsen Hugely Underestimates BitTorrent Traffic. (TorrentFreak)
  • In Music, Apple’s Strength Becomes a Vulnerability (Gigaom)
  • PaidContent: Sony Not Pursing Music Downloads For Its Playstation Network, For Now 
  • Rhapsody's exclusive TV ads target music consumers. (Reuters)
  • An interview with Will Smith of PRS on his recent controversial study reputing the theory of The Long Tail in music. (Outdustry)
  • Assessing Napster – 10 years later (SF Chronicle)
  • We wrote about indie band Chester French encouraging fans to burn copies of their CD to give to friends. Proving once again how smart they are, they linked to the article calling Hypebot "one of the most important blogs in the music industry – it’s read by all the movers, shakers (Editor: That's you.) and the movers and shakers’ assistants". Any band that pr savvy deserves another link. OK maybe two links here and here.
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