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Post Music To Twitter Using Soundcloud

The guest post is by Dave Haynes, OpenMusicMedia founder and UK manager for SoundCloud. You can also follow him on Twitter @haynes_dave.

There have been a number of services crop up recently to allow you to post music to Twitter. But did you know there's three different ways to do exactly the same using SoundCloud? A few people told us they didn't realize just how simple it was so here's a little "how to".

1) Click Share, hit Twitter

The easiest way to share one of your tracks is to go to where you've uploaded on SoundCloud, click the share button and select Twitter from the dropdown.


If you're logged into Twitter it will simply send a message straight to your Twitter Home page with the track name and link back to stream and/or download. And you can always edit the message before posting.

2) Post to Twitter automagically

If you're feeling lazy and don't want to go through the two clicks above then don't worry. We've built a really neat integration so that you can link your SoundCloud account directly to Twitter.

Go to your Settings and connect your account and authorize your account on Twitter…

… we'll post a link to your track every time you upload. A bit like this

3) Share using

There's a number of different third party applications that let you share music on Twitter. At the top of the pile is who have built a super cool feature that allows you to simply copy and paste a link from SoundCloud and tweet away.

twt-fm-1 And not only does it send out a tweet with artist, title and link, it also creates a new page with a really nice SoundCloud player embedded so you can still get all your stats on streams and downloaded.

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