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Some Fast Thoughts On Michael Jackson

Michael_jackson Just in case you're not totally sick of reading about MJ:

  • I have to admit that my own reaction is best summed up by this from @nealbrennan via @iancr: "As a tribute to Michael, I am going to carry Emmanuel Lewis around my house for the next hour." 
  • But apparently interest was so high that Google thought it was being attacked and Twitter crashed briefly.
  • Be on the lookout for at least two major pieces of fallout:
    • Promoter AEG had been forced to self-insure the upcoming London shows and face a huge liability
    • Many fans bought tickets via secondary sources and may find it near to impossible to get refunds.
  • Two memorable videos via The Daily Swarm after the jump: Jackson's attack on Tommy Matolla and his record label and his best dance moves.