Tuesday’s Music Brief: Pirate Bay Sold, Pandora Problems, Spotify’s Future, Limewire Exec & More

Hypebot Favicon Lot's of great stuff today and a few things already on deck for tomorrow.  So much for a holiday/summer slowdown.  And be sure to vote in the Pandora indie poll.



  • Spotify Spotify founder hints at video, P2P sharing, world domination. (Register)
  • Big music label foe LimeWire’s newest executive is Jason Hersowitz, a big label veteran. (MediaMemo)
  • Licensing Issues Shut Down Pandora Outside US. (Slashdot)
  • The Bandwidth Music | Technology Conference 2009 to be held August 27-28 in San Francisco has added Cory Ondrejka, EVP of Digital Marketing at EMI Music for a keynote conversation. (press release)
  • See how the Michael Jackson phenomena continues to dominate the sales charts with this up to these up to the minute iTunes single and album charts.
  • Study: Radio Is Still Top Teen Source For Music (FMQB)
  • imeem and eMusic: If You're Taking Away Features From Users, Don't Tell Them It's For Their Own Benefit (Techdirt)
  • ubroadcast Details Cooperation Agreement With PurePlayMusic.com(press release)
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