1. A cool and creative eye makeup she’s got there, but $25 for a funny T-Shirt isn’t exactly a purchase that this Central European resident would have made. If it were a pair of jeans, though, for the same price, we can talk about it.
    Note that she sold a slogan to wear, but not music.
    I guess the relatives of former Warner Bros artist Van Dyke Parks, who set up their clothing shop website Old Koton Industries, involving some Parks music, must have made some money by that as well. Still, there is no new album yet by the eclectic Mr Parks, which would be a pleasure to listen to.
    So the question of a steady income for musicians remains.

  2. Amazing story. again goes to show the power of twitter as a fast-reaching tool to masses and masses. long live social connections!!

  3. Although Amanda realized more with this Twitter experiment than she may have made in royalties from her label, did the fact that she had a major label push make a difference?
    According to yesterday’s article Amanda is signed by Warner Music Group’s Roadrunner label, something that she is trying to get out of. But could this have explained why she had 30,000 followers on Twitter?
    Could the same results have happened for an unsigned artist new to Twitter?

  4. @ Dave King: I don’t know if Warner played a role in this, but I discovered The Dresden Dolls via the internet/friends. Decided to download something and I liked it so downloaded some more. 🙂
    I discovered Amanda Palmer on her own through Techdirt, red about it and discovered I already knew here. (this was about the time she asked for her any record label song to be pirated to youtube. ) Tell me, how much did a record label took part in this?
    Certainly there MIGHT be some part where they somehow promoted it to friends of my friends (or so on. ) They discovered it for me too. ^^
    I don’t know if it matters where I live: I live in the Netherlands, I don’t see much advertisement. (certainly not music advertisement of any music I bought, I always tend to do the opposite. )

  5. Nope… you are wrong and you obviously know absolutely nothing about how twitter works.
    Also…you’re just jealous.

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