1. Whoever runs this site would really benefit from doing a quick proof read and/or spell check of his/her own work. It’s kind of difficult to tether high esteem to a website whose constant grammatical and spelling errors plague every other post. Just today I found this:
    “It’s a must read and wirht sharing…”
    “Ian Roger’s NARM video is a much watch.”
    It would really be to their advantage to quickly skim over the work done here. It would be a simple way to make this site more reputable.
    Best wishes.

  2. Great Steal! This platform was developed by NIN through several companies and Top Spin took the credit and ran with it. Only problem is other than NIN this platform has not really produced any major results, with it not even propelling people or projects like Paul McCartney to any real status more than a bleep on the radar screen. Novel idea, just not much without coming off a major label with big backend promo push. I think this is more for the few with the kind of loyalty and fan base NIN has not the bands of the past and most likely nothing of the past few years since Digital changed the game.

  3. Steve, I’m not sure Topspin promises to build a fan base for the artists it works with or to sell millions of records. What they will do is give artists the tools to sell direct to consumer, along with a few other complimentary promo and back-end analytic tools. When you say that Topspin “hasn’t produced any major results,” how are you defining “results”?
    Topspin isn’t going to “propel” someone like Paul McCartney – or anyone for that matter. Paul McCartney will do as well as the quality and reception of the records he makes…and based on how well he engages his fans.
    If artists don’t effectively build a fan base or tribe and engage their fans in what they’re doing, no tool such as Topspin will make a difference.
    The beauty of selling direct to consumer is that you don’t need to sell half a million records to be successful. When you take out all of the middle men and record companies and get their hands out of the cookie jar, it leaves a worthwhile return for the artists. It’s a fundamental shift in the way artists make money through record sales…and a necessary shift in the new world of niche and longtail marketing.

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