1. You still need both, but thankfully more people are migrating to Facebook. The only reason I every get on MySpace these days is band related stuff.

  2. I manage bands/artists content on both… as both are still need as for now…
    The built-in music player on FB is too archaic, even if you can add other apps… that mean you have to sign-up with 3rd parties…
    The page design and interactions are too “complex” on MySpace…

  3. Yeah i agree, i use both, the FB player is’nt really usable..myspace player is great.
    I still get alot of hits on my website from myspace..
    facebook seems more social, fans are more likely to interact…less spam

  4. You need both networks but collecting fans that you can actually reach out to with real results and high conversion rates facebook is the way to go b/c it’s a trusted network.
    Myspace fan building and fan blasting is unclear and is done out of necessity to the feeling that you may “miss” someone who still uses it.

  5. People are missing the BIG point here.Facebook is filled with 300 million boring people doing a whole lot of nothing.Quite frankly,people who are into music,movies, and comedy are glad these boring people have moved on to Facebook from Myspace. When was the last time YOU bought something from an advertiser on Facebook? When the Russian money runs out Facebook is dead meat.I don’t want to hear about your boring life,or that your kid is now potty trained or be friends with your mom.MySpace is far from dead,and Rupert (even though I don’t care for him) will make it profitable.If you don’t like the frenetic pace of Myspace,take your old boring a** to Facebook and stay there,while you can. Facebook is like the Lawrence Welk of the internet.Terminally boring.Next thing you know they’ll be having polka contests and advertising Metamucil. NOONE on Facebook is BUYING anything,just 300 million window shoppers.Do you really think those 180-200 million non-American Facebook members are buying anything from the advertisers? When the advertisers realize there’s no ROI (return on investment) for their advertising dollars,they’ll stop advertising.Most business know you make 80% of your business from 20% of your customers.What’s the click-thru rate for the people on Facebook? What are these soccer moms buying from Facebook advertisers? I rest my case.

  6. Great article. Like everybody I use facebook, myspace, youtube and so on. I try to post short teaser videos to multiple sites. I get the best results right now from posting video to http://www.Adwido.com not only is it free, but they also target specific keywords to attract the type of people that will be fans of your music.

  7. for me, myspace is still the best. easy to use specially in editing your page, more people, cool page format, easy viewing for each profile,email,pic, etc.. Facebook? very formal, so boring! so pale. its for older people i guess. =) peace!

  8. I love myspace i have facebook too but seriously, facebook is lame. All my friends are un myspace. MYSPACE RULZ!!!

  9. You need both.. look at the fan/friend counts on facebook for each artist they are very low and not equal, except for the the bands getting major TV ad’s and music videos played.

  10. YOUTUBE… is most important it outbeats myspace and facebook as far as music is concerned….

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