1. i dont get this. With so many artists doing digital only releases it seems this would limit a lot of great music from being heard. And assuming you didnt put out a physical single, who’s to say anyone is interested in buying an entire album off of one song?? Seems kinda archaic.

  2. It does seem archaic but at the same time everynoe is looki for a way to make money in the new music biz – pandora accepted my album a year ago for free and it had proven worthwhile for me and at some point somebody nees to get paid. indie artists do have a problem being hit with the same monetary demand as a label but everywhere i turn it seems that is how it goes and the challenge as ever before is to rise above it. let’s face it , its tough at any level as an indie unless u get a break, pandora are not responsible for us beyond providing a unique system that has exposed a lot of new music that otherwsie would not have reached anywhere. Im sure tim & co have spent many years making little to no money themselves.

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