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YouTube Rolls Out 6 Incremental Improvments

Youtube wide Rather then a big splashy make-over, YouTube has been rolling out an ongoing series of changes and improvements that marketers and uses should pay attention to.

  • Download MP4 Files of Your Own Videos: You no longer have to panic when your computer crashes and you lose the original files of videos. Find the video you want in YouTube's "My Videos" and hit the "Download MP4" button to save the MP4 file of the video back to your new computer. 
  • A More TV-Like Experience:  One new feature hides the player control bar when viewers are in full screen for a more TV-like experience. You can also "pop out" any video by clicking on a button and it will open in a new window, without any of the surrounding features or videos. This feature won't work when embedding has been disabled.

  • Mobile App in Six New Languages: A few months ago, they launched a new YouTube Mobile Application for video streaming on Windows Mobile and Symbian Series 60 phones. Now they've added in 6 more languages: French, UK English, Italian, Spanish, German and Dutch.
  • The Wonder of "Wonder Wheel":  The next time you search for a video on YouTube look for a link on the right-hand side of the page labeled "Wonder Wheel." This beta search option from Google let's you navigate through "also try" suggestions graphically. Wonder Wheel displays related searches rlike spokes on a wheel. You can click on any of the wheel's spokes to see a new wheel with more related topics and browse new relevant video results.
  • Improved Advanced Search: Advanced Search allows you to specify many more details than our normal search, including when a video was uploaded, the location it came from, and its length. 
  • Remaining Time Display on Upload Progress Bar: Just what it sounds like.Useful to us multi-taskers.

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